Women's Ministries


Purpose of Women's Ministries

  • Encourage every woman to cultivate a personal relationship with Christ

  • Affirm the Biblical roles of women

  • Foster unity within the body of Christ

  • Promote community and Christian sisterhood among our women

  • Encourage women to use their gifts for Christian service

  • Motivate and equip women to reach people at home and through global missions

  • Oversee collection and distribution of designated gifts, honor our heritage, and maintain historical records

  • Communicate

  • Educate women about ARP Women's Ministries

  • Implement plans of ARP Women's Ministries in an effective and efficient manner

The Bible study for the Women's Ministries for 2020 is the book of Daniel.  The study guide selected to support this study is Be Resolute:  Determining to Go God's Direction by Warren W. Wiersbe.  The chapters in the book of Daniel correspond to the chapters in the study guide.  Please read the word of God for this monthly study throughout the year.  


Although our meetings are currently suspended due to the COVID-19 precautions, our proposed future schedules are as follows:  


Circle 1 is scheduled to meet Mondays at 2:00 pm in the church library on May 11, July 13, August 10, October 12 and November 9.


Circle 2 is scheduled to meet Wednesdays at 2:00 pm in the church library on May 13, July 15, August 12, October 14 and November 11.


Circle 3 is scheduled to meet Sundays at 3:00 pm in the church library on May 3, July 12, August 9, October 11 and November 8.


Joint meetings of all interested Women are scheduled to meet Sundays at 3:00 pm in the fellowship hall on June 14, September 13 and in December to be determined.   


We wish to invite everyone to study the book of Daniel with us this year and to pray for all those in need.  Please pray together and individually each day.  We may be unable to gather as a physical group at these times but our hearts and minds can join together in God's word.


God bless each of you.  

Women's Ministries desires that all women in the ARP Church will:

Know Jesus Intimately

Love Jesus Faithfully

Serve Jesus Fruitfully


  • I will do more than belong, I will participate.

  • I will do more than care, I will help.

  • I will do more than believe, I will practice.

  • I will do more than be fair, I will be kind.

  • I will do more than forgive, I will forget.

  • I will do more than dream, I will work.

  • I will do more than teach, I will inspire.

  • I will do more than give, I will serve.

  • I will do more than live, I will grow.

For information on joining Women's Ministries, scroll down below and fill out the "Write Us" section.