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Women's Ministries


Women's Ministries of First ARP meet the 2nd Sunday of each month immediately following worship. This time is spent in fellowship as well as studying the word of God, as well as conducting our business meeting. 


Purpose of Women's Ministries

  • Encourage every woman to cultivate a personal relationship with Christ

  • Affirm the Biblical roles of women

  • Foster unity within the body of Christ

  • Promote community and Christian sisterhood among our women

  • Encourage women to use their gifts for Christian service

  • Motivate and equip women to reach people at home and through global missions

  • Oversee collection and distribution of designated gifts, honor our heritage, and maintain historical records

  • Communicate

  • Educate women about ARP Women's Ministries

  • Implement plans of ARP Women's Ministries in an effective and efficient manner


Women's Ministries desires that all women in the ARP Church will:

Know Jesus Intimately

Love Jesus Faithfully

Serve Jesus Fruitfully


  • I will do more than belong, I will participate.

  • I will do more than care, I will help.

  • I will do more than believe, I will practice.

  • I will do more than be fair, I will be kind.

  • I will do more than forgive, I will forget.

  • I will do more than dream, I will work.

  • I will do more than teach, I will inspire.

  • I will do more than give, I will serve.

  • I will do more than live, I will grow.

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